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Run with Me!

Welcome Harvey County Moms!

This will be your place for up-to-date information – schedule changes – upcoming events – and our posts.

Thanks for your interest in “Run with Me!” I believe every mom deserves the right to take care of herself just the way she takes care of the rest of her family – with love, compassion, mercy, toughness, laughter, and a few friends. 

“Run with Me!” comes from the fact that we are not alone.  For years (2001 – the birth of the colicky child) I dreamt of bringing moms together to exercise.  I believe exercise fends off the ‘not-good-enoughness’ that can set in and sets our mind toward what is true.  I also believe we were all created as athletes.  What better way to describe a mom than athlete?  Able to carry 10 loads of laundry up two flights of stairs!  Can read a book, brush hair, kiss a boo-boo, & fix a healthy meal –  AT THE SAME TIME!  Can push a baby in a stroller while keeping up with a toddler on a bike.  Can work 40 hours a week and squeeze in a t-ball game, piano recital, and swim lessons.  Can listen to a webinar while disciplining children.  Can set goals for herself – that have nothing to do with being a mother.   

I hope you can join us for one (or all) of the times listed.  **updated for school schedules – childcare no longer available **

THURSDAYS – 6:30am –  High School Track (behind H.S.)

FRIDAYS – 8:15am – Athletic Park (creek-side)

SATURDAYS – 9:00am – Bethel College Football Stadium (parking lot)

Go at your own pace!

Plan for an hour – take the time you need.

**Let me know about specific needs or questions by e-mailing **

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