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denver rock ‘n roll

October 18, 2010

Nothing fantastic to report about my race – 2:06.13

Good all around – organized, good fan support, nice weather, decent course – I could do without running 4 miles in the same general area, but that’s my opinion.

Best of all – made the hubs run his own race (yes – I forced him – he’s fast – he deserves to run comfortably) – he rocked a 1:47.11!!  stud.

We both agreed that hills at altitude might be a little more difficult than at home.

might post pics later.  we’ll see how the week progresses.



October 15, 2010

something to post – because the kids are out of school – we are in CO – and I’m ignoring all responsibilities.

  • I recently started painting my toenails – I hate it.  My husband thinks it’s sexy.  I guess I’m painting my toenails from now on.
  • When my blog hits 100 visits in a day I receive automatically generated email asking me to review or giveaway a product.  I feel special for a second – then I hit ‘delete’.
  • I noticed we are overdrawn in one of our accounts.  Instead of transferring money I ignored it & didn’t feel guilty.
  • We have skipped church the last 3 out of 4 weeks – once to get in a long run, once to recover from a long run, and now to run a race.  The some would call it ‘idolizing’ – I call it ‘creative worship’.
  • GLEE is my current favorite show.  TEENAGE DREAM is my current favorite song.  Can you say ‘living in the past’?
  • I want to move.  BAD!  I’ve been avoiding buying THIS HOUSE!!! It’s more ‘me’ than I can stand.
  • When the cat throws-up I let it dry and then vacuum it up. 
  • I fill virtual shopping carts with stuff I would Love to have and then let it sit there.  It’s backfired twice.
  • When I attend a Bible study I stumble over everything I say and do.
  • I wish I were ‘special’ – but I’m ‘normal’ – darn.
  • I avoid certain places in town – knowing it’s where some people frequent.
  • I prefer shopping alone – with a plan – for a specific item.
  • I listen to talk radio when I’m traveling – for the gossip, not the news.
  • I clean up after my kids.  We promised a trade-off – I will clean-up after them if they promise to clean-up after my grandchildren.  (within reason)
  • I am only growing my hair out because I’m lazy.
  • Sometimes I throw glass and paper in the trash instead of the recycle bin.

Wasn’t that fun?


dressing like a ‘girl’

October 14, 2010

I need some help.  With my last post I expressed ‘growth’ in life.  But there is one area I continue to struggle – dressing like a girl. 

I don’t want to be a girly girl:

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but I don’t want to be too butch either:

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I’m looking for a happy medium.  While also trying to remember I’m 41 years old:

View Image

sure – she looks HOTT – but it’s not for me

Where do you like to buy clothes?  Keeping in mind – I HATE patterns, I have a booty, I have children & a husband, and I would break my leg in a pair of heels.

Any ideas are welcome. 

Shine on!


October 13, 2010

This year has been anything but typical for me.  Apparently hitting your 40’s causes craziness in many folks.  I’ve come to some pretty strong realizations – some I’ve liked (food) and some I have not (authenticity-only because it takes work).  So, since I’ve noticed I have about 10 or so regular followers, I thought I’d take all of you on my roller-coaster ride and see if we all come to a screeching halt with our hair all messed up and smiles on our faces. (if you don’t like roller coasters – you still have time  to take the chicken exit)

Life –in a quest to be ‘liked‘, I ignored a lot of who I truly am.  I tried to be interested in things that others found worthwhile, tried to change my diet, and tried to talk a talk that was totally NOT me.  I failed miserably.  I found that I know what motivates me and moves me to work hard for God’s glory.  I found that I L.O.V.E. what I cook and eat and, tho I have yet to find an article stating Chocolate Cheerios and Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch to be health food, I have somehow remained healthy.   I have learned that I don’t have to go along with what others say just because I admire them – it’s okay to disagree and still Love.   Most of all, I have learned that loving me and those whom God has placed in my life is BIG. 

Running – over the years I have struggled with injury prevention. As I reach for a goal, I typically get injured.  I also carry a lot of my stress in my body, therefore manifesting in pain.  This summer was no different.   In a quest to break 2 hours I became obsessed with training and working my body harder than it was used to.  Within two weeks severe pain crept in and overcame my strong body.  Three months of tears, attempts, and failures caused questions to pop up.  I’m currently running pain-free and fast (for me) and it feels so GOOD.  What changed?  Massage therapy (heavy on the therapy) – visualization of healing.  Prayer – constant prayer – asking God to heal me.  I had been praying for everything else but didn’t want to burden God with my pain.  What a joke!  Yes, he can create the world but healing my legs felt petty.  And one other small thing, regular communion ~ amazing.   Apparently I like to put limits on God.  “Um God? Could you protect my family?  Heal the weak? Give sight to the blind? Feed the hungry? ~ but I’ll take care of my legs. Thanks.”  silly me.  It might sound ‘out there’ to some, but I have run, without pain, for two weeks.  More proof?  3 miles this morning – mile 1: 9:32, mile 2: 9:18, mile 3: 8:23!  just sayin’

Growth: Finally, I hope I’m not the only one that feels guilty when life is going well while others around you struggle (normal? anyone?).  A part of me believes I triggered myself into a funk by ignoring my blessings.  A couple of posts ago, BETH talked about comparison – to others vs. to ourselves.  I went back and re-read that post and started comparing myself to ME.  In the last year I have: cut 30 minutes off my 1/2 marathon time (2:32 – 2:02), I have lost 7 pounds (wanted to lose 5-10), I love my family more now than I did 12 months ago (or yesterday for that matter), I have made some new/amazing friends in the blog world (Beth, Jill, Tara, Marcia, and Allie).  I am continuing to work on allowing myself to feel  emotions as they come ~ this may come easy to some, but for me it is HARD.  I have also allowed myself let go of so much that held me back.  Some of it was really hard and some of it was a breeze.  Either way, I feel better ~ stronger ~ encouraged.

Whew!  That was hard for me to type, but I’m glad I did.

Now it’s time to do laundry and pack for RnR Denver!!

Run on!

not dead

October 11, 2010

hey folks.

i’m here to tell you that i’m not dead.

work has really sucked the life out of me – along with kid activities – training – life.

i appreciate the trickle of you who still check in daily to see if there is a new post (you know who you are).  and i especially appreciate the number of emails, phone calls, and texts asking if i’m okay.  you rock!

Rock ‘n Roll Denver is Sunday.  hubs and i will be participating in the 1/2.  i registered him completing in 1:50.  he doubts himself, however i have garmin-proof he can do it!  after we ran 9 miles together at a 9:32 average he ran on for 3 more miles at 7:25 average.  nice!  i keep telling him it’s okay to run his own pace at a race – i think he might just take me up on it.

again – thanks for the thoughts, prayers, gossip, whatever it is you were doing.  love the responses.

Run on!!

something’s missing

September 15, 2010

Maybe you’ve noticed.  Maybe you haven’t.  I’ve been gone a while. 

No worries.  Everything is fine.

If you have been wondering, there have been a few things going on. 

The usual – school, activities, and work.   However there is a little more in the “work” area this year.  Typically I work under 1-2 contracts per year – helping parents and caregivers learn safe and effective ways to discipline. 

This year I’m doing a total of 4.  I like it.  A Lot.  It keeps my brain busy and keeps me focused on what is important. 


The problem with focus is that it proves that my blog isn’t important.  At least not to me.  Not in the sense that it fulfills me. 

It can be fun – but it is on the bottom of the ‘fun’ priority list.   

I have met, & am about to meet, some really awesome bloggers.  I love them.  I’m amazed at how similar we all are – yet beautifully unique. 

I love reading running blogs and have found that to be a nice relaxer and a comfortable connection with others. 

I’m not saying goodbye – I’ve got 3 more races scheduled for this year that I want to document. 

Just being realistic about my time, focus, and energy. 

Keep on Running!

Love, S

parenting 101

September 3, 2010

I feel encouraged to share three important quotes I have read/heard in the last two days in regard to parenting – 2 quotes are from the latest Runner’s World.

  • Paula Radcliffe responded three different ways “it just doesn’t matter” when asked about pregnant running/racing/training.  Her reasoning,it’s about the baby and my family. not about me  The world record holder in the marathon understands that family comes before anything else.  Including work.  

  • How Hunter Lussi – a 16-year-old who has complete 33 triathlons – responded when another runner remarked “That’s amazing. I just bought my kid a $1000 bike, but he won’t ride it.”  – “Why don’t you go ride with your son?   Hunter is wise and offered a bit more parenting advice, “Parents say they don’t have time, and teenagers say they don’t want to be with their parents.  But that’s an excuse.  (I love Hunter!  I’m going to hire him!)

  • A single mom on my caseload – dad in prison – raising two children plus her nephew – all under 4 years old – working full-time – struggling to make ends meet – “I had to stop and realize that I have to spend time with each of them.  They are so much easier when I spend more time with them.”  Previously she felt guilty because Dad was gone and she was too tired to “deal with it“, discipline, and connect.  The children’s behaviors have improved and Mom’s mood has too.  This was the first time (in 16 years) when my body responded with goose bumps and tears filled my eyes. 

Parenting can be simple if we let it with two basic points to remember:

  1. Connection – children who are more connected (feel loved, bonded, safe – emotionally & physically) are more likely to behave and want to be with their families.   Whether you have a 2-year-old tantruming or a 13-year-old screaming they are asking the same question, “Do you love me?”  Our job is to answer “YES! with all my heart”.

  2. It’s not about you – as soon as we feel the jolt of a nasty glare, a bite, a snarky remark, we tend to believe we are the victims.  Children misbehave when they don’t feel understood or alone.  They deserve our empathy – especially the children we care for.  It is our duty as parents to put aside the guilt, history, lack of support, whatever is holding you back, and love them for all their imperfections.

Have a great weekend!

Update: Started this post at 6am – but kids, yoga, a drs appointment and emotions are just getting me to complete it.  So…here’s the scoop.  The Doc says shin-splints.  Gave me some ideas on how to care for them, hooked me up to electrolysis (i love that) and rubbed bio-freeze on them – kinky (did i mention this is my husband’s college roommate?).  Told me to take it easy.  To stop doing strenuous workouts – no more hills, no more speed, no more ‘pushing through the pain’.  I’m sad.  Really sad.  And, I’m okay.  My immediate thoughts were “What?!?” and “I really want to break 2 hours!!”  But then the reality set in.  I’m okay – life could be much worse.  A sub 2 hour doesn’t improve my life.  However, not being able to run would destroy my life.  Training hard doesn’t make me a better me.  Running does. 

He did mention compartment syndrome which totally freaks me out.  It would be the end.  Some of the symptoms he described I am experiencing.  My wise husband is encouraging a second opinion to keep me optimistic (and keep life happy at home).  Next step.  Calling a different Doc.  I trust our friend, but I need more.

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns.  I feel all warm and fuzzy when I read them.