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the time has come

March 7, 2010

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Before I get drunk and then crash from my sugar rush, I figure I should post about sad time coming in my life.

I promised myself that I would leave sugar & beer out of my diet one month before the OKC 1/2 marathon – however I believe it’s time to start now.  Since I’ll be running the Dallas RnR 1/2 next weekend, I figure I would give myself a head-start on the beer/sugar fast.

Why wait ’til now?  Birthdays.  This week is full of cake & parties in our house. FatherRunner turned 39 & BigFoot is 13.

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

What did FatherRunner get?




B-day swag

Big boy shoes

And BigFoot?  He just said “put this picture on your blog”. ok.




Built like your mom.

We also took a bunch of his obnoxious friends bowling:



Much cooler than they appear

and taught him to drive (back the car out of the driveway)




Tall enough - not old enough

He gets presents too – iPod – sssshhhh, he hasn’t opened it yet.


Why am I doing this?

I would like to drop 5-6 lbs.  I believe I can run faster and more efficiently if I am a bit lighter – a bit quicker if my thighs aren’t rubbing – a bit speedier without a beer gut – a bit focused without the distraction of sugar. 

What am I giving up exactly? 

Cupcakes - cake - desserts - cookies

I am not giving up honeynut cheerios, chocolate cheerios, or multi-grain cheerios.  I will also not give up yogurt – chocolate covered pomegranites – fruits/juices – or chocolate milk.

I will let go of my weekend-after-the-long-run beer & hope that the changes make an impact.  The kind of impact that makes me want to make the change permanent. 

I’ll keep you updated.  Please pardon any posts that nag, whine, cry, or otherwise complain about running – it’s just withdrawl.

Time to curl up with my Blue Moon & a slice of birthday cake. 

Run on Friends!

if I knew anything about computers I would be able to fix the HUGE spacing.  

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