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gearing up

February 17, 2010


If you are new to this blog – consider the above a warning – thoughts change quickly/without warning/typically not related – see if you can keep up.

January 1, 2010 – I decide what charities I’m going to run for this year.  They are big.  I’m excited.  I keep running.

January 15th (or so – who writes this stuff down?) – I begin my ‘put it out there’ phase of work – slowly hinting at my plans in order to not scare the new visitors away.

February 1st – Begin the “Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Program” with Father Runner (for the 217th time).

February 8th – Learn of a few new running “essentials” and decide “must have them in giveaway”

February 11th – make two decisions

1. Run Dallas Rock n Roll 1/2 

2. Work with Inperspire (see sidebar)

Today – wonder… “what they hell am I doing?”  know…”this is going to be great!”  

I tend to get excited when I believe in something (I believe I’ll have another!) – you’ve been there, right?  You see that guy in the back row of sophomore science class and think “I like him a lot!” – forget the fact that you are a Senior in Sophomore science!  Where was I?  Oh yeah….excited.

Last Thursday – February 11th –  started out as a typical day – wake-up, drink enough coffee to clear the pipes, take kids to school, go to kick-boxing to sharpen my inner Chuck Norris, FRF (see HERE) asks me to go to Dallas with her, say ‘sure’, go home, freak out!  Running another 1/2 is no biggie.  I’ve done it before.  I can do it again.  Why do I FREAK so easy?  Because I am excited!  (remember…I get excited easily).  So, I hop on the rape bike path and do 3 quick miles.  Now wishing I would have done more.  Hal Higdon’s plan for me and FRF’s plan for me are not aligning like the stars on September 23, 1986 – Hal says I will be running a 10K on March 14th, while FRF has sweetly enticed me into 13.1 miles.  Again, I could probably do 13.1 tomorrow if I wanted to had to.  It will be fine – a nice little warm up to Birch Bay on March 28th and a great trainer to break 2 hrs at the OKC 1/2 Marathon in April.  

That other little thing I mentioned…Inperspire…well, I found their website. Cool stuff.  The first thing I look at when shopping with a new company is how they are giving back.  Thing is, Inperspire is giving back to 3 of the same charities I plan on running for this year!  whoa.  That is rare.  For anyone. So, I contacted them and asked them if they were willing to send product for a giveaway – they didn’t hesitate – they said “sure”.  They sent me 3.  I agreed to be an affiliate.  They give back to all of these charities and that is something I am willing to be a part of.  

So…the gear is rolling in.  So far I have about $200 worth of loot in my home office – begging me to hoard it and close this blog down – but NO! this is for you and for what you believe in. 

Run on Friends!

42 miles in February for RiceBowls = $42

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  1. February 17, 2010 8:20 am

    That’s awesome! You’re gonna be a very busy lady.
    Maybe I’ll see you in Dallas, it’s going to be my first half marathon. Good luck getting your stars…I mean, schedules to align. 🙂

    • Mother Runner permalink
      February 17, 2010 8:22 am

      oh i’ll see you…
      i’ll hunt you down and find you!
      (not really – but it would be cool)

  2. February 17, 2010 9:41 am

    So, so proud of you. I need to get my butt in gear and get busy working for that Title 9 and BB. I have to thank you too…I see you have my A.Lovely bags listed on your sidebar…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and your bag will be in the mail today!
    Also, we didn’t meet Sept. 23, 1986…it was August of “87!! Haha!!! Love to FR!

    • Mother Runner permalink
      February 17, 2010 9:42 am

      yay! I can’t wait to see it.
      maybe have you make another. for me.

  3. February 20, 2010 8:56 pm

    that was incredibly squirrely.
    all over the place!
    but awesome. i can’t believe all the running you are doing! so cool.
    and crazy.
    my knees hurt just thinking about it.

    • Mother Runner permalink
      February 21, 2010 9:20 am

      stretch and ice them… i crack myself up!

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