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2009 – Gripes, Gains, & Gratitude

December 31, 2009
Looking back  over my 40th year…  What did I learn? What did I avoid? What brought me the most joy/pain/enthusiasm/frustration? and What intrigued me the most?  Here’s a tiny look at 2009 – in no particular order other than the obvious.


  • There isn’t enough healing in this world. 
  • There is too much pain.
  • The shoes I love go on sale right after I get a new pair.
  • The people I love go through such pain there is no real way to describe it – so we pray and keep moving forward.
  • There has been too much snow this winter – thus far – we still have a lot of winter left.
  • MilkDuds do not come in a Fat Free format!
  • I hate articles that say “To reduce belly fat – lower your sugar intake”  – BITE ME!!
  • Buying reading glasses.
  • Not getting used to my reading glasses – thus wasting $20 on really cute stuff. (which could be an oxy-moron)
  • Grant funding is a crock!  “We want you to do this and that for less money and then we want you to do it for free.”
  • “Blister-Free” does not actually mean ‘without blister’
  • Mean people – You are not better.  You are the same.  Get over it.
  • I don’t have enough Live DVD’s for the winter.
  • I turned 40.


  • More inches in my britches.
  • A year ago I was telling everyone, “I walk now & I love it more than running.”  I lied.
  • Running brought my mind back to a place I had forgotten.
  • I found the shoe of my dreams – hello lovah!
  • I used to worry (constantly) about what others thought of me.  Now, not so much. If I have ever hurt your feelings I apologize – it’s time we both get over it.
  • Knowing (a little more) who I am and who I was designed to be. 
  • Priority over the things I can choose.  I’m getting closer…at least that seems like a gain.
  • Brand new skin on the bottom of my feet.
  • Confidence in my abilities.
  • More room in my bowels – it seemed like it took all year to get un-clogged. geesh.
  • I turned 40.

Gratitude: (oh lordy mercy, here she goes)

  • God – you amaze me.  Daily.  You didn’t have to send your Son to help a screw up like me – but ya did. That’s cool.   Plus, uh, Hello?  You gave me these little legs to run around with.  Without those little workable legs we wouldn’t have the time to talk like we do – well we would, but it might not be the same.  Thanks Pops!
  • Besties – HELLO!!  All 4 of you – everyday I’m amazed that anyone would want to hang out with me and my crazy-mixed-up-ways-of-life.  You actually all seem to genuinely love me too.  weird.
  • FR – BF – LF – oh how you make my heart go pitter-patter and all fluttery inside.  You all make these walls the safest place to be me.  It’s lovely – makes me wanna kiss you square on the face!
  • To all my new bloggy friends.  You inspire me daily.  I stalk you.  I celebrate your triumphs.  I follow your training. I cringe at your injuries. (just a few short months ago I thought only people who were crafty blogged and I wanted to poke my eyes out with a knitting needle – or hook – or whatever the hell you knit with!  then I found you and now I want to pull my toenails out with a race-bib-safety-pin! ) You little runner girls ROCK!! (so do my crafty girls – hugs)
  • Rob Thomas – Matchbox 20 – Foo Fighters – Green Day – Red Hot Chili Peppers – iTunes – iPods – Pandora – basically anything music.
  • To all the folks who have anything to do with – bringing clean water to those who need it, bringing orphans home, bringing safety to children who are being hurt, or reaching out to people who would not know love without you – I’m in awe.
  • Glee – ‘nuf said
  • Water – I can’t get enough.
  • My coffee bunch – what great conversation.  I love my weekly gab-fest.  It clears my brain for more mush.
  • My kitchen – it may not have the best layout or the greatest space, but it works great for what I’m doing with it.
  • Coffee – Starbucks specifically.
  • Sugar – sure it adds belly fat, but so does beer, wine, pineapple vodka…need I go on?
  • My bed (& sleeping in during break)
  • Body Glide
  • GU Chomps
  • Miss ‘Mill – it’s a love/hate relationship
  • Popcorn – everyday preferably (belly fat – you wonder?…SHUT UP!!)
  • I turned 40!!! 🙂
I really could go on and on.  I look outside and I’m thankful for healthy neighbors… I look up and I’m thankful for a roof over my head… I hear the treadmill and I’m thankful for a sweetie who joins me…I listen upstairs and I’m thankful for another day with my young’uns… I hear dogs bark and I’m thankful for furry friends…it is everything.  There is plenty of hurt – life isn’t perfect.  But for every-moment I’m given – I feel gratitude.
Be Safe!  Be filled with Joy!  and let 2010 be the year you…
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