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1,004 lives spared

November 18, 2009

Wow.  What a week.  I wish I knew where to start.  I missed you.  Does that help?
Since my last post I have been humbly made aware of God’s awesomeness.

Here is the count of lives spared since Friday ~ November 13th~ these are just the ones I know of.  Can you begin to imagine how many more?

One niece who flipped her car 4 times and walked away with a small scratch on her pinkie finger.

One Father-in-law who was working under his truck when the truck rolled off the ramps and drug him 5 feet before coming to a stop – only a cracked rib and abrasions.

One BFF who had a siezure and fell to the floor hitting her mouth, head, and eye. Only stitches needed.

One 17 year old neighbor who received a kidney transplant and is in recovery – some complications, but healing.

1000 Liberians who will receive water for 10 years because you donated your $$, prayers, and time. 

There are days when I struggle to see God. To hear Him.  To feel His presence. 

Then there are days when He makes His presence so known I can’t hear my own thoughts. . . or feel my own presence.  For the last week I have felt so small.  My belief?  That’s just where He wants me.  He doesn’t want me to feel BIG or present in my world.  But I think He does want me to feel BIG to Him and present with Him.  That makes me happy.  Thank goodness He knows me and knows what I need.

Other news: BigFoot got new rides!

How does a 12 year old grow 3 inches and 2 shoe sizes in 2 months?  Ugh!  Bring my baby back!!

In running news ~ I’m ready.  I’m excited. 

Whatever you do ~ whereever you go ~ Run on Friends!


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