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First Gift!

November 13, 2009

first gift

It’s First Gift Friday!  Just  click here and then click on the yellow tab to donate $10 as your ‘first gift’ of the season.  

Every day, 4500 mothers bury their children due to contaminated water. They are forced to sustain their families with a diabolical liquid that contains both life and death. This lack of clean water is the leading cause of death in underdeveloped nations. And it just doesn’t have to be!

So as we gear up to scurry through department stores and browse endless catalogs in search of new jeans, Tonka Trucks, gadgets and dolls….we are pausing. We are pausing. And today, November 13th, we are buying water. Clean, life-saving water.

$10 will provide one person in Africa clean water for 10 years. It will literally change and possibly save someone’s life. A mother. A child. A brother. A grandfather.

We are rallying together for a cause. Clean water. One day. $10. Asking everyone to let this be their first gift. Let water, let life be their first gift of the season.

Really.  It’s a couple stops at Starbucks.  A 12 pack of soda.  A movie. Lunch with a friend.  Staying home and doing your Christmas shopping on the internet instead of driving to the mall.

$10 = 10 years of life saving water for 1 person!  Let’s do it!

Share the photo and link.  Paste them into your blog.  Write them in every e-mail you send today.

Give on Friends!

ps – sorry about the whole socialvibe thingy. just as we figure it out – they change it.  give $10 here instead.  it will go farther! ♥u

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