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Pure Joy! (and November challenge day 6)

November 11, 2009

I keep reading more on charity:water and water4christmas and am filled with so much joy at what they are doing.  There are a few things I want to clarify. 

First: charity:water.  Here’s a video of Scott Harrison – founder of charity:water.  I love this video.   Who better to tell us what this is all about?

Second: someone recently asked me, “how do I use this button you keep talking about?” (socialvibe). Well…let me tell you.   Just to the right of this post you see a picture of a child drinking water from a well (see it?  it’s right there →)  Click on it.  A little video by Powerbar will pop up.  Above that video it says “Rate video. Help Charity”  Below the video it says “Rate this video” – your job is to give them as many stars as you choose by clicking on that number of stars – I always give 5 because they give charity:water $$.  Father Runner gives them 3 stars “because the video really isn’t that good”.  (psst.  come here – a little closer – I want to tell you a secret…i’ve never actually watched the video).  Basically.  Choose how many stars YOU want to give them.  Then simply click “NEXT” – it will then take you to a screen where you can leave me a message, or you can close the screen.  Everytime you open the blog you’ll see the numbers rolling higher and higher.  Just click on it everytime you visit.  Really.  It’s that easy.  I promise.  Try it.  My goal is to reach 500,000 gallons by Christmas.  Just a click.  That’s all. (to click more than once hit refresh on your browser)

Third: Friday is FirstGift day.  Donate $10 on Friday as your FirstGift of the season.  (if you’re wondering…I’m going to run 10 miles as well)  For Him and him: maggots! because I can’t get his face out of my head!

Fourth:  Here’s what I do to help:



Finally:  These all bring ME joy.  As in MAJOR JOY!  Like the kind that makes you crazy-enough-to-run-miles-and-miles-and-never-wonder-why-you-are-doing-it kind of joy. 

I want to know…What brings YOU joy?

I am running 4 miles today – busy day – but WILL happen.  I promise.  Click on that SocialVibe button 4 times – donate $4 here – or simply comment listing 4 things that bring you joy.  If you do – I’ll click the SocialVibe 4x’s for you. Pinkie promise! 

Run on Friends!

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