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Chasing squirrels…November challenge day 3

November 6, 2009

“Chasing squirrels” is what Father Runner lovingly calls my ADD.  I have a tendency to think many thoughts, change subjects abruptly, and be distracted by the slightest movement or sound.  If you’ve seen the movie UP! you understand.  Just call me “Doug” from now on. 

Anyway.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Squirrels.  I think Father Runner finds my ADD sexy.  At least this is what I make up in my head.  You see.  He laughs at me.  If you think I’m funny – I love you.  I think I’m the funniest person I know.  Mostly because I hear my thoughts all of the time and have been caught laughing out loud at them – it’s disturbing, I know. 

Back to the squirrels.  Here is what went through my head on my run this morning.

Squirrel #1 – it’s windy in the mid-west.  We don’t have mountains, or trees to block the “blustery” winds.  Blustery is the word mid-western meteorologists came up with to give us a more specific explanation of  “hold on to your ——- hat!” (that video clip has nothing to do with mid-west winds – it’s just funny!).   Point?  It was windy.  I had to run into it for a while in order to have the joy of getting pushed all the way home.  Not bad thinking uh?  (ps – i really don’t know a thing about meteorology)

Squirrel #2 – some things are on my auto-barf list.  Diesel exhaust & dumpsters.  I don’t actually barf.  If I did, I would never run again.  But the stench – ugh!  It’s awful.

Squirrel #3 – I had to run on the main streets of town – where people see me.  I don’t like this.  Our little town has a beautiful creek path, however I’ve been given strict rules to follow.  “Stay off the creek path when you’re alone.”  This comes from Father Runner and a couple Cop friends who refer to one section of the creek path as “Rape Alley“.  Nice name. So creative.  So I ran on Main Street.  Please don’t wave or act like you know me.  I’m desperately trying to make my runs seem easy.  They aren’t.

Squirrel #4 – There are two songs that are must plays on my run.  Waiting by John Waller & Fire on the Mountain by Rob Thomas (are you really surprised?)  Go download them now!  Read the lyrics!  Do it. I’m bossy. Get over it.

Squirrel #5 – I don’t always bathe like I should after a run.  I’m super excited that today my only appointment rescheduled.  I have a paying job.  You may not have known that.  It’s true. 

Squirrel #6Jody is in Africa right now.  As we speak.  She is visiting the folks who are using the clean water you helped provide.  YOU ROCK!  Jody Rocks! Thank you.

Squirrel #7Robbie

Darn that Rob Thomas!  He’s on my ipod a lot!  Sorry Father Runner.  I love you more.  I do.

Squirrel #8 – Bacon smells reeeaaallll good at 9am when all you have in your stomach is a cup of cream with coffee. 🙂

Squirrel #9 –  I love downhill.  Even in the flattest town in the country a little downhill goes a long way.

Squirrel #10 – Downhill + being pushed by the blustery wind = HEAVEN!

Squirrel #11 – I need a haircut.

Squirrel #12 – Running makes me hungry. 

Squirrel #13 – My toenail fell off and I forgot to blog about it. 

The point of today’s post?  I loved the even grades in school (K-2nd-4th) – the windows looked onto the playground.  It’s easy to be distracted when children are playing right outside your window all day.  1st & 3rd grades were hard.  I had to talk to my friends and move around the room to stay interested.  Mrs. Siemens and Mrs. Randall just didn’t understand.

Oh yeah.  I ran 6 miles.  Click here to donate $6:donate

or tap that little socialvibe to the right 6 times.

Or go back and re-read #6 and give praise to God and all water4christmas has done for those who are in need.

Now. Go take a shower and enjoy the warm sunny day.

Run on Friends! 

ps – after you type Squirrel 279 times it starts to look weird.

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