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November challenge – day 2

November 5, 2009

“So you say you can run?”  

Yesterday I went out for my 4-5 mile mid-week run.  When I started (as in the first 2-3 blocks) I felt light as a feather.  Almost floating.  I began to think – with my big head, “This is going to be FUN!”  Five seconds later I’m laboring for breath, my legs feel exhausted, and my mind swirls around the fact that the music I’m listening to is doing NOTHING for me! (my ipod was dead – using Father Runner’s)  Oh well.  No biggie.  Right?  I. Can. Run!

So I keep going.  I keep trudging along.  About a half-mile into it I see 2 8th graders doing something under a bridge that I’m sure is illegal – FOR ANY 8TH GRADER!!!  I think, “do I say something?”  “do I stop and stare?”  I kept running and thought of some great ways to start conversation with over-sexed children.  How’s this? “Is this okay with your parents?”  If they say ‘yes’ – then I’d say “Go do that at home then!”  If they say ‘no’ – then say “you have good parents – now go home”.  I don’t know.  Would you have said something?

I just kept running.  I did nothing.  I thought of the kids under the bridge. I thought of  how miserable I was. Then I thought of the 1/4 round of brie and crackers I had for lunch…the two cups of coffee & cream I had for breakfast…and the mounds of THESE I have been eating since Tuesday night!

 best cookies EVER

Not to mention the fact I ate AT LEAST a dozen cookies worth of dough while making these little bits of evil!  (have I mentioned my addiction to cookie dough?)

I thought that was the culprit. (pretty sure today it was PMS).  We really can’t measure these things.  I am certain, however, that my diet plays a tiny part in my strength when it comes to running. To cure my problem – for dinner I fixed the ultimate comfort meal to replace the guilt of eating nothing healthy for 24 hours and made this:

Shepherd's Pie

As far as I’m concerned this is the BEST MEAL EVER!!  Maybe it doesn’t look that great (blame the photographer), but I take one bite and I’m in heaven.  The recipe says it feeds 8 – but I don’t know who’s 8 – maybe Jon & Kate’s.  🙂   Back to the Shepherd’s Pie :  It is really 2 DIE 4!  While we were eating, LittleFoot says, “So. Is this made with real Shepherds?”  BigFoot says, “It was originally. But Shepherds became endangered so we have to use plain ‘ol beef.”  LF, “Hmm.” 

My point? I ran 4 miles.  It was enough for yesterday.  Today will be different – mainly because the cookies are gone. 

Now comes your part, if you choose – click the socialvibe 4 times today for each mile I ran…donate $4 here: Donate

or simply read this post 4 times and wish you had the stomach for 27 chocolate chip cookies, brie, coffee and shepherds pie.  Then go eat a carrot!

Run on Friends!

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  1. November 5, 2009 4:26 pm

    Well, I have decided that the “cookies” are in the air. I have been trying to work off my share of Chocolate Chip Cookies gifted from my mother as well. YUMMMM…….

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