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I heart Rt!

October 25, 2009

I have a secret.  I LOVE Rob Thomas!! I mean L.O.V.E.LOVE him!!  There is only two little problems in our relationship.  Rob smokes.   And Rob doesn’t even know I exsist.  Oh yeah.  and I’m married to Father Runner – who rocks my world like Rob never could.

What does this have to do with water?  Well.  Absolutely nothing.

You see.  I turned 40 a couple months ago and Father Runner, BigFoot and LittleFoot bought me tickets to see Rob Thomas. In a venue that holds only 1200 people!  Yes. That’s right.  I will be able to touch Rob Thomas if I so choose.  The concert is this week.  I’ve waited two months for my present and it will be worth it.  Want a sneak peak? Of course you do! Rt He’s so Smooth. Get it?  Smooth? The song he’s singing in that photo with Santana? No? Okay. Never mind then.  

Anyway.  This week is going to be about Rob Thomas.  About how we first met.  How I felt seeing him in concert for the first time.  The second time.  About a recent interview that made me laugh like a high school girl.  All in preparation for the big night when I run up on stage and tell him “Hey Rob Thomas. If this is ever going to work you are going to have to stop smoking!”  Sorry Rob Thomas.  You just don’t have the fresh breath of Father Runner. 


Stop that Rob Thomas!

Rock on Friends!

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