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October 20, 2009

Do you hear Michael Jackson in that title?  No?  Try again.  (to the tune of “Beat It”).  Sorry couldn’t resist.

A couple of folks have e-mailed saying “what exactly are you doing?” and I want to be sure you all know.  That is, if you are interested.  (if you’re not interested – that’s okay too – it’s fun to peak into other people’s lives) 

So. Let’s see if I can explain.  My job is run and inform.  Your job is read and be informed.  Got it?  I don’t expect you to donate. To agree with me on every charity or thought. Just follow along if you wish. 

Of course if you are reading along and see a charity that you are interested in, that tugs at your heart – just follow your heart.  It will be good.

For the remainder of the year I’m running for water.  Beginning in January I’ll focus on another charity that I’m super excited about and can’t wait to share.  (ssshhhh…it’s a secret)

For now click this:



or go to the right side of the page here and click on the SocialVibe to have Powerbar donate for you (aka – FREE for you)!  Really it’s that easy. 🙂

Run on Friends!

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  1. holly permalink
    October 20, 2009 12:19 pm

    Good for you! Social awareness, getting in shape, and improved health – what is the downside???? Keep it up baby – Ain’t nothing going to break your stride.

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