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Father Runner…and more!

October 16, 2009

Yep.  There is a “Father Runner” (aka honey, sweetie, etc.) 

 See.  Here are his sweet rides next to my sweet babies. Father & Mother Runner 

M.R. “So.  Father Runner.  How do you like your sweet rides? “

F.R. “I love ’em!” 

M.R. “Do you love them as much as I love my sweet babies?”

F.R.”Yes.  In fact I was just thinking about how great they are.”

M.R.”Oh yeah?  Prove it.”


FR Loves his ridesFRs sweet rides









Alright already Father Runner.  We get it!  You love your sweet rides.   Father Runner likes to run with Mother Runner.  Know why?  *ahem* “Perks”.   (note from Mother Runner: see those pants FR has on?  2 pair?  Notice MR is wearing shorts? FR is a wimp! 40° is nothing!  I laugh in the face of cold!)

So. It’s Friday.  School has been out for a few days.  I love these days.  I love to hang with the peeps in my house and listen to their chatter. 

We have a little foot:LittleFoot 

She’s sweet.  She’s got a bit more ‘girl’ in her than I have ever had.  Her heart is HUGE!  She also has a dry sense of humor.  My favorite! 

She wants to run someday.  Who knows.  She sure has enough energy for it.







and a Big Foot:BigFoot

He’s closing in on 13.  I have heard that this age can get weird from her, her, her and I think this gal.  I’m going to use their experience as a gauge and believe every word they say. 

He’s hillarious!  My favorite!  I tell a lot of BigFoot stories.

He had his last football game last night.  He loves defense (I am guessing most guys do – it’s the hitting or something). 

He had 3 sacks, a tackle and one accidental tackle (they called his name, but really he wasn’t in on it).  Feels good to hear your name over the loud speaker no matter what.



See him?  He’s number 45 in white.  No?  Me neither. (photo courtesy of “LittleFoot”)  


What does all this have to do with water you might ask?  Well.  Let’s look at those little feet and notice what we have available.  Let’s look at those sweet rides and know what all they bring us.  More importantly, I want to look at this Friday as Family Friday and see what we can do today to educate our children on what is going on outside their cozy comfy world.  What can they do to get involved?  Spread the word?  Give to those who need?  My hope for my children isn’t that they will always be comfortable.  But that they will be well informed and proactive.  That they will reach to those who have so much less than them and give what they have.  Time. Money. Miles. 

If you have children.  Do something with them on your days off.  Teach them to help others.  We all have gifts.  Those gifts can (and should – I believe) be used to bless others.   If your children are little and seem too young to understand – begin with yourself and reach out to them.  Sing “We have water. We have water. All through your life my dear. We’ll have water.” (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell).  Weird? maybe.  Honest? absolutely!

Raise consciousness and awareness!

Run on Friend!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 17, 2009 12:59 am

    you are hilarious and your feet are out of control!!! 🙂

  2. October 17, 2009 9:33 am

    sweet feet…..that’s cute.
    you crazy runners!

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