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October 14, 2009

During my run this morning I couldn’t wait to get home and have some of this:

mac 'n cheese

My very own homemade mac ‘n cheese with cottage cheese for dessert.  I think it may be the only thing that got me back home.  The run was awesome um fun? uhhh needed?  let’s just say it’s OVER!  It was good and all, but here’s what happened.  *enter dreamy music* I’m running along minding my own business (listening to music, feeling the sweat, happy to be alone) when some jerk guy runs onto the path just behind me.  I think, “I’m clipping along pretty well. I can keep him away until I get to this corner.”  Just as my thought exits my HUGE head he blows by me! JERK!  Really, though, no problem.  I’m turning at this corner.  What?!?!  NOOO!!! He turns the same way I’m heading.  UGH!  Doesn’t he know this is MY day to run??   Then…guess what happens?  He stops.  He starts walking.  HA!  I got him now.  I blow by him!  Yes. Atta girl!  Go me. Go me. GO. GO. GO ME! That’s right. I’m fast. I’m whippin’ that whimp’s butt! Maybe I should laugh and yell out “What’s the problem!? Gotta walk? Boo Hoo!”   What?  What was that?  He went by me again!?  How dare him!   What is this guy doing?  I had a good 1/2 mile on him!   Then…POOF!  I look up and he is gone.  Thanks God!  You heard me!  🙂  No.  I don’t pray for things like that, but it was a funny/freaky little thing to happen. 

(hope he didn’t get hit by a car!)

Run on Friends!

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