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Toenails are overrated.

October 14, 2009

Maybe you are one of those girls who paint her toe-nails (I’ve heard this is popular).  I figure…why waste my time? See these feet?feet

They’re not too bad. Right?  Kinda cute. Clean.  Useful.  Really, everything I need them to be.   But…look closer.pigs See that tall one? – right next to the big one?  He’s nail is ready to go off on his own.  He’s had it!  However, it’s hard to say goodbye, to know if you can really handle it. So… He continues to hold on.



 or not  Here goes

Sorry.  Was that too graphic?  Really.  They are just toenails.  It doesn’t hurt.  It just happens.   But here’s the deal.  I’m okay.  I’m clean.  I can run and play with my children safely.  

There is so much I take for granted everytime I throw my sweet babies on.  I am still safe everytime I walk to the mailbox barefoot.  I take clean water for granted.  I take my sweet babies for granted.  Check this out and then ask yourself, “What do I take for granted?”  I double-dog-dare you! 🙂

Run on Friends!

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