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A lot of people ask…

October 13, 2009

“Do you run everyday?”

“How far do you run everyday?”

My brain is thinking, “ARE YOU CRAZY??? WHO would do THAT!??!’  But I typically respond. “No, I don’t run everyday.” and if the question is “How far…?”  I usually say, “It depends on the day.”  I know that seems trite and annoying, but I’m never really sure what the question really is.  In my mind I’m thinking “do they want to know my distance/speed/commitment/etc.?”   Then I realize, ‘uh. maybe they’re curious. interested. amazed! appalled!’ 

So…here’s what I do most weeks – give or take a run or two.  Run- M – W – F & Sat or Sun (depends on if I had a beer the night before) going anywhere from 3 to 12 miles (again…the beer factor) & I do aerobics on Tu & Th – gotta shake it up a bit or I get bored.  (have I mentioned ADHD yet?) 

Check these babies out: brooks 001

Those are my old running shoes.  “why do they look new?”  you might ask. Well… I have a serious love affair with my shoes.  It goes something like this:  I find the perfect pair of shoes to run in.  They take me places. Lots of places.  Then they get old. My knees hurt. My feet change shape. I get old. Well. You get the picture. So, each pair gets washed once before they become my “aerobics shoes”.  After the next pair gets demoted to ‘aerobics shoe’ the current pair gets a lower demotion of ‘mowing shoe’.  Eventually I have a box full of old running shoes that either get donated to a local charity or Soles4Souls or Hope Runs or Shoe4Africa.  So…really, they are not being demoted, they are running the race.  🙂

Run on Friend!

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