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Just the beginning….

October 12, 2009

Why am I doing this? 

Easy.  To raise awareness about all of the different causes out there.  To remind you to G.I.V.E.!  give your time. give your money. give your heart a work out.  give back to those less fortunate.  find your pace and desire and GIVE!

As this blog goes…my plan is to run a different race each month in support of a cause close to my heart. 

I’ll train, I’ll share with you the training process, and I’ll inform you of why I am doing what I’m doing.  Join with me in giving. Follow me. or Train with me.

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  1. Sharon Entwistle permalink
    October 17, 2009 11:30 am

    You are amazing! Sounds like we can look forward to an explosion of ministry opportunities. You go girl!

    Our church sponsored 32 runners in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 11th.
    What a great job they did! All of the Mercy Narathon support will go to build wells for safe drinking water, build churches for spiritual and physical needs, and build a future through education for children in Liberia.

    It’s awesome to extend God’s mercy on a world scale! By Grace, Sharon Entwistle

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